LW at the Movies

There has been lots of response to "LW at the Movies" this month. So let me follow up by asking, "What media have you consumed in the past month?"

  • News? 
  • Movies? 
  • Music? 
  • Viral videos? 
  • Cartoons?   


Have you engaged your mind in the practice of critical thinking or do you simply take it all in? Media has a tremendous impact in our lives and it is our responsibility to filter through what we see and hear. Here is what I shared in week 1 of our series and what I use daily. When I engage media I choose to...     


RECEIVE the clear truths of God that line up with Scripture...  And focus on them.

REJECT what interferes in my journey with Christ...  And turn it off.

REDEEM concepts and activities for Christ’s purposes... And learn how to relate truth to our culture.


Remember, God's story is found in every story.