Something Awesome Happened!

Something awesome happened this week for Living Water. Something exciting! I will get to that in a moment but first a story…

It is in the end of February this last year and it is cold. I mean cold like my eyeballs feel like they are going to freeze into a jelly-like substance. I am driving out to Massillon to ask God to show me if I should apply for a campus pastor position at a church called Living Water. I am going out to visit the proposed campus location near Home Depot on the East side of town. I am full of hope and excitement as my wife and some close friends are praying for God to clearly speak to me about making a potentially risky decision.

There are moments you will never forget where you decided something important and this drive was one of them for me. I made it to the proposed site near Home Depot on the East side of Massillon. As I parked and I walked up and down the strip, I had such a profound peace about the decision to come to Massillon. God was speaking clearly to me in the way that He does.  A song came on my iPhone called Nothing is Wasted by Elevation Worship. I thought it was odd that it came on right when I arrived at the proposed location but more on that later...

I knew in that moment God was calling me to be a part of Living Water and no matter what happened to me or my family, God was going to use it for His glory. He knew my need and my gifts, and He was calling me to Massillon. I applied and came on staff (it wasn’t quite that quick!). Shortly after joining Living Water Church, we announced at the Easter Gathering that the Massillon Campus would be launching in the Fall at the Home Depot location. I felt such a wave of sureness because everything was going according to plan. And then it fell through… The company we were working with backed out of the negotiations. It felt like the tracks had been ripped out from under a train.

In previous years, this setback would have had me questioning whether I had made the right choice in taking this job. But God had prepared me that cold night in February by reminding me of something important to following God’s call. Faith is following God’s call and trusting in Him to bring the power and change! We are called to be obedient! In life, this can look like a lifestyle change, a job change, volunteering our time in ministry, going home to be with the kids, moving to a different state. We do this because we believe that God has called us to do these things and for His glory. This is faith, but sometimes we let circumstances dictate our faith.

For me, I had a choice when I found out we didn’t have a location anymore. I could doubt and get overly frustrated and become distressed or I could choose to remember that with God….

Nothing is Wasted.

There is nothing too hard for our God. Nothing in your life, whether mistakes or set-backs, is wasted. God uses it for His glory! We step out in faith and seek God’s guidance and then we go! Set-backs happen. Life is hard. We have a choice to look at set-backs as indicators that we lack faith of that we didn’t really hear from God or we can look for HOW GOD WILL USE IT! God will use it for His glory!

Which leads me to the big something! We have a campus now! It is at Lincoln Way (1135 Lincoln Way East) and Wales in the middle of Massillon off the main drag. God has us there for a reason and I know that He didn’t allow us to go through with the other location because He wants something greater for us. Nothing is wasted and I will continue to look for how God will use every setback for His glory. I know something else too: If you seek God’s will and act in faith, He will use everything in your life for His glory. Look for it!