I have a problem... It's not that I am dependent, or on a drug, or have anger issues, or depressed, I have... FOMO. I didn't know I had it until a friend told me what it was... and just like that - something appeared in my life that started following me around, haunting me, and constantly speaking over me.

For some, you know where I'm going with this because you know what FOMO is, but for others you are still in the dark just like I was.  Let me explain a bit further... I should have started off saying "I had a problem."  I was in the dark about my FOMO. My buddy who told me what it was didn't know I had it. What he did was shine the light on an area of my life I was not looking at. When he did this, it was a big ugly problem. I wanted to turn back off the light and ignore my FOMO.  


What is FOMO?

Fear Of Missing Out 


Do you have it? If you are an extrovert like me, I can almost guarantee you have it. So you may ask, "why is this a problem?" The actual acronym "FOMO" I have no quarrel with, it is fun to add randomly at the end of a txt or tweet. #beingreal #bestblogever #FOMO

The problem was before I was introduced to this new lingo and started tweeting and talking in abbreviations, I had a real fear of missing out on the next big thing. I started to realize that God commands us over and over again in Scripture to "Fear Not", to "Have Joy/Peace". (Bunny trail: You will find the "fear not" command and its variations in the Scripture nearly 150 times. This must be important then, eh?) 

But even still I never want to miss out on: parties, hangouts, church, a good laugh (I hate being the guy who missed the inside joke), campfires, concerts, and the list goes on.  

It time to say NO Mo 2 FOMO - ok that was kind of lame - let's just live with out fear ok?

Here is why:

1. FOMO will always leave you wanting more 

There is never going to be an end to the next big thing or party. Enjoy the ones you can when you are there. 

2. FOMO will never let you enjoy the "right now" moments

Be present in the moments you are in now, even if it's work or play.

3. FOMO will always lie to you 

Fear will always tell you the lie "You were not there so... You don't have value." 

4. FOMO will always leave you questioning 

Fear will always make you question if your life is exciting enough and has purpose. 


I can think of so many things FOMO can lead to but maybe that's for another blog. Let's live with out the fear! Let's try to bring peace and joy to the circumstances we are in this day, hour, minute.