Instead of a destination-driven approach to our walk with God, we are learning to follow Jesus each step and help others do the same. The New Life Journey is an intentional process of becoming disciples who make disciples. As a church, we have always been passionate about this vision, but we are becoming more strategic about how it happens in our lives. We want to help you cast a vision for your spiritual journey that will help you reach your fullest potential as a follower of Jesus Christ!


Spiritual growth happens best when we learn and grow together. In these class small group environments, you will interact with and learn from one another while being led by a facilitator and video presentations. The following classes will empower you to take steps in your New Life Journey:



In this class you will discover how to implement six spiritual cornerstones in your New Life Journey. Perfect for believers at any stage: whether brand-new to the faith or experienced in faith, this class will give you the knowledge and tools you need to form a solid foundation for your journey.



In this class you will explore your identity and grow in confidence. By engaging in personal assessment experiences, you will discover your unique design and spiritual gifts which will empower you to serve others.

*Prerequisite: Starting Point class



In this class you will be empowered to make disciples. If you are passionate about helping other believers discover who they are and grow in their walk with Christ, this class will give you the tools to influence, lead, and mentor others effectively.

*Prerequisite: Starting Point and Discover class