Thanks for joining us as we journey through the Discover class. This class is a discovery process of finding your spiritual confidence in who God has made you to be and what the Holy Spirit has empowered you to do. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Campus Pastor or Class Facilitator. 

After taking your personality test and spiritual gifts test, input your results into the boxes below. This information will enable your Class Facilitator and Campus Pastor to help you find where you are best fit to serve. 

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Personality Profile Downloads:

Instructions: Below are descriptions of personality types. To save these documents for your own review, right click, then “save as”, and pick folder to save it in.
For more information about your personality type, click
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ESTJ – Supervisor

ISTJ – Inspector

ESFJ – Provider

ISFJ – Protector


ESTP – Promoter

ISTP – Crafter

ESFP – Performer

ISFP – Composer


ENFJ – Teacher

INFJ – Counselor

ENFP – Champion

INFP – Healer


ENTJ – Fieldmarshal

INTJ – Mastermind

ENTP – Inventor

INTP – Architect