CAFE TEAM: As a part of the Cafe Team, you will serve others by connecting conversationally and providing snacks and drinks.

CONNECTION TEAM: As a part of the Connection Team, you will help others feel at home by connecting and helping them receive the information they need.

FACILITY TEAM: As a part of the Facility Team, you will care for our buildings to provide environments of excellence.

LW ADULTS: As a part of LW Adults, you will make disciples by guiding others on their new life journey.

LW KIDS: As a part of LW Kids, you will empower kids to discover God’s Truth and develop a forever friendship with Jesus.

LW STUDENTS: As a part of LW Students, you will strengthen the ambition within students to know, live, and tell the story of God.

PRODUCTION TEAM: As a part of the Production Team, you will create environments through audio and video where people experience and respond to the presence of God on Sunday mornings and online.

WORSHIP TEAM: As a part of the Worship Team, you will lead people through music into life-changing encounters with God.